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BluEyeQ Philosophy

Philosophically, BluEyeQ was formed based on a belief that there is a symbiotic intersection between technology, nature, and humanity. Industry experiences with advanced signal analysis, wireless communications, distributed networking, and bio-inspired algorithm development repeatedly reveal uncanny parallels between technological advances, biological evolution, and humanity’s innate desire for connectedness. BluEyeQ leverages this guiding perspective in our product designs.

Danish researchers analyzed extensive genetic data and concluded that all blue-eyed people alive today share a common ancestor that had a genetic mutation approximately 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. This data driven discovery is part of the inspiration for the “BluEyeQ” company name (in addition to the founder’s incredibly intelligent and beautiful blue-eyed wife). Innovations we are discovering today were figured out by nature long ago.

BluEyeQ Leadership

Kent Colling
CEO, Managing Director

Kent founded BluEyeQ to pursue a long-time entrepreneurial goal of revealing the Vision and Intelligence hidden within data. Throughout his extensive career in data communications and remote sensing, Kent has been awed by the transformative insight gained with seemingly simple forms of data. The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data markets is evidence of business growth potential from data driven insight and foresight.

As CEO, Kent is a leader who inspires confidence through professionalism and credibility earned by a listen first approach to teammates and customers, understanding market needs, and delivering results to the business.  Known for seeing the “big picture”, he possesses a unique blend of cross-functional engineering, business, and collaborative customer relations skills.  His technical professional background includes systems engineering of machine learning algorithms, remote sensing, wireless mesh networking technology, digital signal processing, and submarine sonar design.

Kent earned his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University and B.S in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.  He is a graduate of General Electric’s prestigious Edison Engineering program specializing in engineering leadership and advanced predictive sensing systems.  Kent is a proven leader in developing cutting edge technology, has multiple patents, and has received U.S. Army accolades for effective commercial transition of advanced technology.  Outside of his passion for growing BluEyeQ, Kent has run multiple marathons, never misses his kid’s sports events, and exhibits an altered personality while watching Michigan football.

Dan Carlson
VP of Engineering

Dan is an engineering professional with extensive hardware and software development experience including product concept, low power digital and power electronics design, embedded software application and physical layer driver implementation, integration of various communication subsystems, and system integration testing to support product release.  Mr. Carlson has led the integration of wireless mesh communication protocols with various sensing modalities in an unattended sensor system while maximizing battery life. He has also been responsible for the development of hardware and software embedded in products certified and intended for use in harsh industrial environments.  Mr. Carlson is experienced in all stages of the product development life cycle and has designed electronics and software supporting several different product industries including military avionics, cellular phone systems, heavy duty industrial equipment, and custom wireless communication systems.

Dan has a BSEE from Binghamton University.  He holds six technology patents.

Dave Murillo

Dave is an operations and finance professional with a breadth of experience managing engineering, supply chain, customer service, warehouse, accounting, IT, and business administration functions.  He also has experience in compliance and risk management.  Prior to joining BluEyeQ, Mr. Murillo facilitated significant growth in previous companies by initiating and/or improving internal process documentation, employee onboarding and training practices, vendor/supply chain relationships, inventory control systems, and order fulfillment efficiencies.  Dave’s focus is strengthening the people and processes that enable the company to serve customers as quickly as possible with a high degree of accuracy. 

Dave earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Akron, and an MBA degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

BluEyeQ News

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