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Data Platforms
Data Platforms
Data Platforms
Data Platforms

EdgEyeQ™ and EdgEyeQ-L™ Intelligent Gateways

EdgEyeQ is a real-time information gateway for both wired and wireless sensor platforms. EdgEyeQ-L is a lower cost variant supporting only wireless SenseLink connectivity.

  • Connects a remote analyst to your factory in minutes
  • Connects up to six SensEyeQ nodes, 72 wired sensors and up to 1,000 wireless nodes
  • Alert notifications published via email and cloud updates
  • Connects to Vision Anywhere, providing extended views of future machine condition
Data Platforms
Data Platforms

SensEyeQ™ Data Aquisition

SensEyeQ nodes work in conjunction with the EdgEyeQ Intelligent Gateway. Users can connect up to six nodes to one EdgEyeQ gateway.

    • Available with eight or twelve channels of wired dynamic inputs
    • Communicates wirelessly with EdgEyeQ gateway
    • No connection to factory IT infrastructure required
    • Sensor “agnostic” – monitor any relevant process parameter
Data Platforms
Data Platforms

SenseLink™ Wireless Sensor

SenseLink is a low-cost wireless vibration and temperature sensor that enables large scale deployment in the most challenging monitoring locations.

  • Up to 1,000 sensor connections per gateway
  • Multi-year battery life
  • Long range communication – Hundreds of meters in tough industrial environments
  • Triaxial and single axis variants
  • Simple installation and commissioning