EdgEyeQ™ is the Foundation of Vision and Intelligence

  • EdgEyeQ™ - Is an intelligent data platform at the "edge" of the network providing flexible data connectivity and machine intelligence
  • OUR PERSPECTIVE - Data communications first, sensing second
  • ROBUST COMMUNICATIONS - Simple, Reliable, Secure
  • MIX & MATCH - Open data interfaces allow us to use the sensors and data sources that get the information you need across multiple applications.
  • MACHINE INTELLIGENCE - Intelligent algorithms, on-board sensor processing, and analytics dashboards enables diagnosis in the field


  • Peripheral Data Interfaces: Power over Ethernet (PoE), Analog Input, Digital Input, Digital Output, RS-485, RS-232, +24V output, Modbus
  • Internet Access: Ethernet, Cellular, WiFi (access point)
  • Device Connectivity: DHCP, NAT, NTP, Modbus TCP
  • Security: VPN, User Authorization & Authentication credentials, SSL, Secure WiFi, Port Filtering, DMZ support
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, XML, JSON, REST, SOAP

Machines Come to Life...

EdgEyeQ Sense Service


EdgEyeQ™ continuously measures a machine's key vital signs using sensors best suited for machine health monitoring; including vibration, temperature, lubricant quality, etc. Unlike other data collection systems that transmit collected information directly to a central server for analysis, EdgEyeQ's embedded machine intelligence collects, processes and analyzes the data directly at the site of the machine. The result is that our customers' machines are able to perceive the harmful conditions that create less than optimal performance.

EdgEyeQ Communicates


We focus on solving a distributed data management and communication problem versus a centralized, sensor-centric problem. Our communication network grows organically to pass data out of the most challenging operating environments. We use advanced security measures to ensure your data is always protected on or off the corporate network.

EdgEyeQ Connects you with your machines


By providing open and standard interfaces, EdgEyeQ™ integrates with virtually any Asset Performance Management System. Machine data is securely written to the cloud or dedicated servers for both customer dashboard consumption and data scientist analysis of operating condition. The result is a holistic view of operations at a glance.