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4-Site™ Reliability-As-A-Service (RaaS)

4-Site™ Digital Twin technology brings machines to life, enabling them to SENSE their health, COMMUNICATE their diagnosis, and CONNECT with their operators.


Vision Anywhere™ Dashboard

Vision Anywhere dashboards provide customer access to their machine condition. Built on BluEyeQ’s proprietary Digital Twin technology, we create a virtual mirror image of each asset for preemptive condition foresight.

  • Advanced AI Algorithms

  • IoT Sensors

  • Predictive and Prognostic Traits

  • Life-Cycle Diagnosis

  • Interactive 3D BOM Representation

Expert Analysis

Machine learning is not possible without in-depth machine knowledge. BluEyeQ’s ISO certified analysts validate our alarm reporting and customer recommendations. The flexibililty of our 4-Site™ platform lets us tackle the most complex machines.